At Friday 9.9.16 came this news in some media; A great athlete was tested positive during the Junior World Championships in Bydgoszcz, 20th of July: we are talking about the U20 World Record Holder KONRAD BUKOWIECKI.

During the antidoping tests carried out by IAAF the athlete was tested positive to Higenamine, the same substance the racewalker Liu Hong (CHN) was disqualified one month for. This substance is not always forbidden, but it cannot be used during the race. It is not on the forbidden substance list from WADA, but it has a very simulare structure at some forbidden substance.

Polish athletic association (PZLA) has asked for a statement from their medical team leader Dr. Jaroslava Krzywańskiego. Dr. Krzywański considered that there is a high probability of unconscious PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) substance. Higenamina is not registered as a medical substance, the same is not available in the form of any medicine (pills, syringes etc.). It can be part of dietary supplements or food, including the fake products, those in which the manufacturer has not name this drug among the listed ingredients on the label of preparations. Higenamina was classified by drug organizations class Beta-2 incidents, however, official statistics the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has from 2010-2014, has done that they hasn’t followed up this drug after in cases of anti-doping rules violators tendon.

Higenamina is actually not mentioned at the list of prohibited substances and methods in sport. It should be noted that the list of prohibited listed, are only examples of illegal drugs, so WADA can recognize other compared chemically related to biological or similar.
“-And this is the situation we are dealing with. If selection B confirms the presence of this substance in the body, then the most likely seems to be the fact that he got into his system as a component of dietary supplements or foods that we has accept for this athlete”,comment Dr. Krzywański.

Konrad Bukowiecki immediately stated not to have assumed forbidden substances (at his Facebook site) and he will ask for the B sample, and if the latter had to result positive as well, he will have to somehow proof that the substance was taken unwillingly as a part of a medicine or integrator. Bukowiecki has to show that this substance has come into his body by undeclered in a product.

For these cases the ban can be up to 2 years long. We can only wait for the B sample analysis and IAAF response.

Picture under: From his Facebook last Friday 22:25, where he confirm that his A sample are positive, but he denies that he has taken this.