Anti-Doping, Doping, Corruption and Cheating in Sport.



is a page where we put focus on Anti-Doping work around in the World.

We will keep you updatet about Doping Bans of athletes, news from different national Anti-Doping Agencys and the international agency WADA.

News picked up from News-agencys, TV, newspapers websites, Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and so on.

We want tip from you, for shure, about athletes/coaches/managers or others which is involved in Doping. Also dopingtesting which is “not after the book”.

Corruption is also a part of the anti-doping work. We know athletes are getting warned, are allowed to switch urin tests with fauls urin tests, are lieing about where they are, are making up fauls reasons for not beeing able to meet for doping testing and so on.

We want to know if you know something about this things? We will handle the tip anonymious or name the sourch as you want.

DOPING IS CHEATING ! And we want to get the cheaters who ever they are! We are working with this on a private basis, to help all kind of athletes to compeet in A FAIR PLAY competition.

Best wishes, Arve.😎🇳🇴