Picture over: TRAINER: Lionel-part-Goran Antonsen (t.v.) and trainer Fabrice Souloy after a victory in France.

A total of four horses trained by FABRICE SOULOY exhaust positive doping test for Cobalt in conjunction with the Oslo Grand Prix in June, confirming the Norwegian Trotting Association (DNT). Among them the Norwegian trotting star “Lionel” and the winner “Your Highness”, who has Norwegian-Swedish owners.

Cobalt is the active center of coenzymes called cobalamins, the most common example of which is vitamin B12. The only vitamine with a metal in it. As such, it is an essential trace dietary mineral for all animals. Cobalt in inorganic form is also a micronutrient for bacteria, algae and fungi. Cobalt is increasing the bloods possibility to get more Oxygen. This gives the hoses  a form of EPO effect. Thus, horses increase their oxygen intake and perform better. It was reported that f.ex. Lionel’s blood contained 468 nanograms per milliliter, and the legitim limit is 25. The other horses had values high over the limit too. To high values is very risky and dangerous for the horses.

Cobalt is an element which occurs naturally in the body, and in small amounts also be administered in feed for horses. It’s developed an international boundary (25 nanograms/ml) that should not be exceeded during normal feeding.

  • Three trotters from the same stall (France) has presented positive doping test in Oslo Grand Prix (OGP) in June. In addition has Timone E.K. (Won another race the same day) also be revealed. This became clear after residual sting of frozen samples.

  • Facilitator (coach and coachman): French Fabrice Souloy – Europe’s most successful in over ten years. His horses have won everything there is to win by great races – several times. Many of the Scandinavian horses (also several Norwegian) he has been  training, improve their performance dramatically. Souloy is known for innovation in training methods and has an ultra-modern fitness center in Normandie (Nothern France).

  • Lionel: Was sixth in Oslo during June 12th. The horse has earned 6.9 million Nkr. (708.000€)  since he moved to France for almost two years ago. Norwegian owned.

  • Your Highness: Won the race and got 1.5 million Nkr. (154.000€)  for it. Is half Norwegian-owned (a bunch of buddies) and has run into more than 7 million Nkr. (719.000€) since she came in training with Souloy.

  • Un Mec d’Heripre: Was third in OGP and has trotted into well 5 million Nkr. ( this year. Franskeid.

  • PRIZEMONEY: Nuncio has got the victories, and 1.5 million Nkr. (154.000€). After the positive doping tests, he maybe has to pay back some of this or all.

Norwegian Papagayo E (injured and career could be over) progress from fourth- to second place and thus 620.000 million more in prize money. Norwegian Support Justice goes from fifth to third place. B.B.S. Sugar Light moves up to fifth.


INFORM: Chairman DNT Svein Morten Buer, chief veterinarian Anne V. Wangen and head of horse sport choice for investigation of doping cases, Birgit Ranheim.PHOTO: EIRIK STENHAUG, EQUUS MEDIA