19 national anti-doping organizations agree at a meeting in Dublin today, to require Russia banned from international sports.

Following the devastating evidence of wide-spread systemic corruption exposed by the second McLaren Report, leaders from 19 National Anti-Doping Organisations (NADOs) came together for a special summit, hosted by Sport Ireland, with hopes to restore the faith of clean athletes and to ensure that the integrity of sport is never again brought into such disrepute.

In light of the revelations in the latter part of McLaren report requires anti-doping leaders that all Russian sports federations refused to send athletes to international competitions, and that Russia nor shall organize international competitions.

– The sanctions should be maintained until the Russian sport introduces credible and verifiable anti-doping measures based on WADA code, ” says Andrea Gotzmann, head of Germany’s anti-doping agency (NADA).

In the final declaration after the two-day meeting in Dublin taken also advocated other reforms in anti-doping work. Support is given to WADA as global anti-doping agency and expressed opposition to a global “test body” under the sport’s control to oversee the doping testing.

Antidoping organizations claim that the tests can be effective and credible only if the responsibility is outside the sport’s control.

Most remarkable of this statement is the requirement to exclude Russia from all international sports, but it is emphasized that it is not intended to deny all Russians to compete. It is proposed to introduce a scheme to approve Russian athletes for participation as “neutral practitioners” while the sanctions persist.

As background for the requirement to exclude Russia refer to the “new, irrefutable evidence of Russia’s institutionalized doping system” which was submitted in McLaren report.

With the athletes’ interests in mind, it is our hope that these proposals will help the sport to put those dark days behind him and pave the way for a brighter future, where the promise of clean competitions redeemable, read the statement, which is posted among Others on NADAs website.
– In order to achieve that, action must be taken, and it is imperative that those responsible for Russia’s state-supported system be held accountable, that the cries of a truly independent anti-doping model finally being heard and that the athletes who were affected by this horrendous practice get back at least some of what was taken from them.

It is proposed that in future Olympics terminates formal victory ceremonies to reallocate medals deprived doping ban athletes, rather than the rightful winners “get them in the mail.”

The statement is signed by anti-doping organizations in Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Japan, Croatia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Germany, USA and Austria.

Source: vg.no and nada.de