SEEFELD (VG); Norwegian Trond Nystad (48) is a member of the Austrian World Cup team. He reveals appalling details of the doping scandal that ravages the host country, Austria.

VG (norwegian news media) meets the former Norwegian national team coach in Austria’s camp on the arena Thursday morning. There are few other of his colleagues present. Nystad states that the Austrian team support system is in disintegration. Several have traveled home.

  • It’s unreal. Adult men are walking around crying here all the time. There are thousands who have worked for the World Cup to be the starting point for cross-country skiing in Austria – instead it has become the headshot. It’s terrible, says Nystad desperately.

It is one day since the doping bomb hit Seefeld. A collaboration between German and Austrian police led to several raids and arrests of nine people.

Five of them were World Cup skiiers, including the host country’s Max Hauke (26) and Dominik Baldauf (26).

Baldauf was arrested by the Austrian specialty police unit “Cobra” while skiing near the stadium area on Wednesday morning, VG reported.


Together with Hauke, Baldauf shall have been filmed as he arrived and left what is described as a doping salon in a house near the Austrian team hotel – right in the center of Seefeld.

PHOTO; DOPINGNEST: This house should have served as a kind of hairdressing salon – just for doping. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk / VG
  • It is a building close to our hotel where this doping network had set up offices. The police say it was like a hair salon where the athletes came in and fetched what they wanted. It’s totally unreal, says Nystad.

The arrested practitioners shall have collaborated with an organized criminal network based in the German city of Erfurt.

  • It’s surreal. It feels like you are in a movie, without knowing who has the lead role. I had never thought that I would end up in such a situation, says Nystad.

He is clearly characterized by what he has been experienced on his worst days ever.

  • Do you suspect that someone in the Austrian supporting team may have been involved in doping?

  • No. It was a shock to everyone. But, as said, 23 hours ago, the two boys sat with us and condemned people who had been ban. Finally, one does not know what to think. But the practitioners should have told the police that there is no one in the Austrian association to be involved.

  • What do you think of your own future here?

  • There is an investigation currently underway. I have to wait until it’s finished. But if it is true what has come to pass, my days in the Austrian ski union are probably spoken.

  • Was it impossible for you to understand that the two have been blood doping them self?

  • Yes, it was totally impossible. We sat at breakfast yesterday and talked about people who were baptized were idiots, says Nystad and adds that people often have to call him naive, but that he did not see any signs that something was forbidden.

PHOTO; HAS A BAD FEELING: Nystad tells about men crying in the Austrian support system. Photo: Bjørn S. Delebekk / VG


Thursday, Kazakh oympic committee confirms that Aleksej Poltoranin (31) is one of the arrested runners. The other two are Karel Tammjärv and Andreas Veerpalu, informs the Estonian Olympic Committee.

Estonian olympic sports director confirms that Karel Tammjärv and Andreas Veerpalu are among the arrested.

Earlier, Aleksej Poltoranin has confirmed the arrest of the Kazakh Olympic Committee. Max Hauke and Dominik Baldauf were confirmed by the Austrian sports director Markus Gandler on Wednesday. In addition:

  • I can confirm that Karel Tammjärv and Andreas Veerpalu have been arrested, says sports director of the Estonian Olympic Committee (EOK), Martti Raju, to VG.

The two athletes have been suspected ever since they did not attend the start of yesterday’s 15 kilometers classic, and were already named by newspapers such as the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

  • This affects the entire Estonian sport, but we have no details and it is over our head. We have no information from the channels we usually get in, so that is the problem. We do not know.

  • How did you react when you learned they were arrested?

  • It was a pretty big surprise, since none of them compete for medals. It seemed a little strange to me that they were involved in a scandal that speculation says when they were not near the top, says Martti Raju.

In addition, two police students, as well as the doctor Mark Schmidt and a co-convict are arrested.


Source; VG Sport