Norwegian athletes athlete Henrik Ingebrigtsen (26) has been on a list of 46 athletes who the International Athletics Association suspected of using doping.

It shows alleged IAAF documents released by the Russian hacker group Fancy Bears yesterday.

VG (norwegian mediahouse) sits on the documents where Henrik Ingebrigtsen gets the labels ‘Probably Dpoed’ and twice ‘Blood Pass suspicious, more information required‘.

The documents apparently originate from spring 2016.
The norwegian has never tested positive for a forbidden substance. The list has been leaked out of Russian hackers is also no list stating that he is doped. It only indicates that the internal warning lights in IAAF started to light due to the blood values ​​of the 26-year-old.
Probably there is software that automatically “flagged” the values ​​of Ingebrigtsen, which means that the doping hunters have followed him and the others on the list.


For a long time, we have suspected Henrik was on a list of IAAF. There has been a lot of testing. Sometimes he has been racing almost exclusively against Africans, and still been the only one that was tested afterwards. This we seemed were to be strange” , says his Dad and coach Gjert Ingebrigtsen (photo under) to VG.

He had just spoken to his son when VG called today Thursday morning. Henrik Ingebrigtsen has nothing to report on the matter, says the father.

The oldest of the Ingebrigtsen brothers, has not responded to VG’s inquiries since late last night.

  • What does he think this will be known?

He does not like to be suspicious.”

VG has confronted the norwegian Athletics  president Ketil Tømmernes with the material.

  • This is extremely personally sensitive information and we will not comment on it now, he says.

Antidoping Norway does not want to say anything about the alleged IAAF document.

We do not have the opportunity to comment on specific practitioners,” says information adviser Lars Anders Vestad from Antidoping Norway.

The overview, which has leaked out, but which is not verified as true by IAAF, also says the British star Mo Farrah is on this list.

Another form, also from spring 2016, seems to show how the IAAF doping hunters plan to follow up with testing of the suspects. There is the following remark after FarrahNow flag as normal after the last test”.

In the same column, Henrik Ingebrigtsen scores “2” on a scale of 1 to 3, on how high he is prioritized by doping hunters.
We have used height altitude training systematically for many, many years. There are just high blood values ​​we are looking for. When you accomplishes this, you become suspicious. This is especial”, says Gjert Ingebrigtsen to VG.
– In the blood pass, do you look at variations in blood values, not just on high blood values?

“His fluctuations are not so huge, but he is equally high. When measuring over 17 in hemoglobin, please call the alarm, because there are not many that measure. This is probably genetic, since I have also measured over 17 in hemoglobin”, says Gjert Ingebrigtsen.

  • Have you been notified that he has given abnormal blood values ​​ever?

“- We have not heard anything.

  • This is a “list of suspicions” and not a “guilty list“. Are you still afraid of how this will be interpreted by some?

No, I’m not,” says Gjert Ingebrigtsen.


IAAF informs VG that they are investigating whether the forms presented now are real. They think the material may stem from a hacker attack in April.

A blood pass, which is the background for the alleged suspicion of Ingebrigtsen, is a collection of blood values ​​given by a practitioner during doping tests. A “normal value” is calculated on the basis of several samples given.

Then, future samples are compared with this individual normal value for the practitioner.

When abnormal values ​​- measured against the athlete’s individual normal value – provide the basis for intensifying testing by the current practitioner. In extreme terms, practitioners can also be shared on the basis of blood values ​​in the blood pass.

Last year (2016), 37 values ​​were recorded at Henrik Ingebrigtsen, according to the documents Fancy Bears released yesterday
Henrik Ingebrigtsen won EM-gold in athletics in 2012 and is one of Norway’s most famoust athletes. Also his brothers Filip (23) and Jakob (16) are key runners in the Norwegian national team.