The IAAF remains hard in the doping scandal: even after the most recent report on the reform process in Russia, many “negative” processes can be identified.
Russia’s scandal athletes will also have to fear their participation in the World Championships in London after their Olympics. The criteria for an international return are still not given, IAAF President Sebastian Coe (60) after a Council meeting of the World Federation on Monday with.

Previously, the IAAF Taskforce, chaired by Norwegian Rune Andersen (photo under) had presented its latest report on the reform process in Russia.



Russia is making progress, but many processes continue to be “negative,” Andersen said. In addition, the Council adopted a road map on how Russia could be re-entered into the IAAF. This would require several “milestones”, including the admission from the Ministry of Sport that Russia has a doping problem.

Our priority is the return of clean athletes to the competition, but we must all have confidence in the process,said Coe: Clean Russian athletes were hanged by their national system.We must ensure that they are protected and that these safeguards Trust the rest of the world that competition equals when the Russians return.” Russian Athletes who are under 15 years of age are eligible to participate in international competitions.

On 13 November 2015, after the revelations on systematic doping, the IAAF excluded Russia’s athletes from all international competitions. At the Olympic Games last summer in Rio de Janeiro, only long jumper Darja Klischina was allowed to start with an exception.


Photo: long jumper Darja Klislchina (RUS).