1) Intro There is perhaps no such a person in the world of athletics who hasn’t heard yet about the doping scandals with Russian track and field athletes involved. This is a big topic which I would like to talk about today. As a professional track runner from Russia, a person who knows many details from the inside, […]

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“I know all these guys, I see them at the training camps, I even run with them from time to time. I even thought of some of them as of my friends. In my merely subjective estimate, about 95-98% of runners in Russia, both elite and emerging elite, are doping in one way or another. It is just so casual in Russia. Everybody just do that. It is also well known for every athlete in Russia, we all know that. You can talk to anybody here, and if she/he is sincere with you, she/he will tell you the same. People here believe that one cannot run fast without doping.” By Andrey Dmitriev, a Russian runner and non-doper.