The International Biathlon Union (IBU) informs in a press release Sunday morning that it will be called for an extraordinary congress before the World Cup. This after the biathlon men announced  boycott of the men’s masstart at Sunday in Anterselva. The last competition before the World Cup about three weeks.

  • IBU board fully understands and supports the initiative for practitioners to sharpen the rules for anti-doping work. Both the member federations and individual athletes. To implement the new rules as soon as possible, call IBU into an extraordinary congress to approve rule changes and put them into practice before the World Cup in Hochfilzen. They writes IBU press release.

img_1376 IBU’s president Anders Besseberg.


Saturday night called connected into an extraordinary board meeting.

Both Martin Fourcade (FRA), the best biathloner at the moment, and Ole Einar Bjørndalen (NOR), biathloner which is the most winning winter athlete, was disappointed and angry after the meeting, when it became known that the IBU would not do anything about doping letter from the athletes before the earliest one and a half years. But now the federation has chosen to take action.


  • I’m cursed, was Martin Fourcade (photo over) only comment on the way out of the meeting.


Ole Einar Bjørndalen (photo over) could understand the Frenchman’s anger.

  • We accept no one and a half-year wait that Congress might do something. We want a clean championships coming in a few weeks. Then we must have a response from the IBU, said the 43-year-old to Norwegian TV2 Saturday. The Athletes whiched that the rules change before the World Championship in 3 weeks.

IBU has received strong criticism after McLaren-report was published. In the report are 31 Russian biathletes mentioned, and some of them still have competed in the World Cup series. Only the two IOC has initiated doping case against was suspended by the IBU, Yana Romanova and Olga Vilukhina.

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During an extraordinary meeting held before Christmas decided IBU to proceed with an investigation of the 29 suspects athletes, but would not suspend them, in lack of evidences.



160 practitioners had joined forces and signed a petition, in which one requires a sharp escalation of sanctions in future doping cases.

It is formulated three specific requirements in doping letter to the IBU:

  1. Practitioners want up to eight-year ban for doping in the future.
  2. They also asked for higher penalty tickets to the national  federations, if some athlete is beeing ban. Now the penalty ticket can maximum be  200,000 euros. This should be raised up to 1 mill euro, the athletes suggests
  3. In addition, they require that national federations could lose quota places in the World Cup by doping cases. For example, that you go from having six athletes, perhaps down to four or five, said the Czech biathlete Michal Šlesingr (photo under) to TV2 Sport.


– We believe the only way to get a clean sport is through demotivate the dopers, not only through better drug testing and so on. For there is always a way to cheat the system and regulations on which we saw McLaren report, Slesingr says.



Ole Einar Bjørndalen is only Norwegian who has signed the petition. But he is in the athletes committee in Biathlon.


Emil Hegle Svendsen (photo over) confirmed to TV2 Sport that he is not among the 160 who have signed the petition.

– Why not?

– I stand behind the message of a tough fight against doping, I really do. But right now I’d like to focus on the sporting. I trust that the politicians in WADA, the IBU and Norwegian Biathlon Association are doing what they can to make the right moves against doping in the future. We athletes have a voice, we also, but I chose to focus on the sporting now, says Svendsen.

 And this is a very big disapointment, Emil Hegle Svendsen, I personaly have to say. Anti-Doping is indeed a sporting thing, Svendsen! 


Source: TV2 Norway.