Dr. Per Wiik Johansen has his last day as Medical Director of Anti-Doping Norway on 31 December 2016.


“- We would obviously like to have with us on a capacity and resource Per, but we understand that As of now do not see that he has time to have this commitment beside a demanding job as chief physician at the Oslo University Hospital, “says CEO Anders Solheim.

Per Wiik Johansen is a veteran of Norwegian anti-doping work and has been ever since the Foundation Antidoping Norway was established in 2003. He has also been a recognized resource internationally and was among others part of WADA’s health, medical and research committee for many years.

“- We are very grateful for the efforts Per has been carried out and what he has meant to Antidoping Norway and anti-doping work in general. He was very central the first time since the foundation was established, and has also been important with their expertise and experience in what has been a rapid development of anti-doping work in recent years,”  says Anders Solheim.


Photo: Medical manager Per Wiik Johansen, left, legally manager Britha Rokenes and CEO Anders Solheim Antidoping Norway informs here about the Therese Johaug ‘s (norwegian xc-skiier) dopingcase.

Antidoping Norway is already well underway to recruit us personnel to attend to the tasks that have been resolved by the Chief Medical Officer. A position as medical adviser is obsessed. It has also been advertised a position as a medical technical manager. This process is not completed.

Wiik Johansen also leaves the medical specialist committee of Anti-Doping Norway.