(Ski-Nordique.net) Following the IOC press release, published shortly, the International Ski Federation announces the temporary suspension of six Russian xc-skiiers .

After the IBU and the IOC especially, the FIS communicates in turn.

Six Russian founders are temporarily suspended, following the Mc Laren report and the ongoing IOC investigation, from 22 December 2016. All are affected by the Sochi 2014 Olympics.

This suspension is of indefinite duration for the moment, while awaiting the detailed results of this case now in the hands of the IOC and WADA.

The Russian Federation and the athletes were informed in accordance with the procedure.

The 2017 World Cup finals moved!

In addition, as for biathlon, Tyumen will not host the World Cup of cross-country skiing in March. Another place will soon be announced to replace the Russian city.

It should be noted, and it is important, that the FIS temporarily suspended six founders while the International Biathlon Federation (IBU) chose not to do so. Prefer to wait until the end of the investigation.

In the McLaren report, a list of 31 biathletes, the names of some founders can also be found at the bottom of the document by clicking on “SCRATCHES DOCUMENT

The names Aleksander Legkov, Maxim Vylegzjanin, Alexei Petukhov, Evgeni Belov, Julia Ivanova and Jewgeni Sjapovalova appear, which gives us a total of six founders. (SEE HERE, click Scratches document at the bottom of the file)

Vylegzjanin was silver medalist on three exercises during the Games on home soil. Legkov won femmilsgul and took silver in the relay.

Photo: Legov  and Vylegzjanin

Photo: Alexei Petukhov and Evgeni Belov

Photo: Julia Ivanova and Jewgeni Sjapovalova 

ATTENTION: we accuse nobody of doping, we only report the names appearing on the list mentioned above, names that could correspond.

The same names are also appearing on Russian sites:

The Russian selection for the Prochan Tour de Ski, which will not be long, should teach us much more. Unless she reveals the names of the hanging ones by then!