The International Weightlifting Federation has suspended 16-year-old Alina-Alexandra Popovici (picture) for four years and banned Yuliya Kalina for two years for doping.


The federation says Popovici, Romania’s national champion in the 48-kilogram category, tested positive for the anabolic steroid Stanozol in an out-of-competition test.

Popovici, a member of the Botosani Sporting Club, tested positive after she won the national title this year.

Kalina (picture under) won bronze at the 2012 Olympics but was stripped of her medal this year after a reanalysis of her doping sample.


The federation says four other weightlifters were also suspended:

Malvina Soledad Veron of Argentina,


Sergei Dolgalev of Kyrgyzstan,

We remember another weightlifter from Kyrgyzstan at Rio Olympic, Izzat Artykov tested positive for strychnine — banned as a stimulant — after winning the bronze in the men’s 69-kilogram division, the Court of Arbitration’s anti-doping division said. The 22-year-old lifter’s medal was taken away and he was kicked out of the games.

Strychnine is a highly toxic drug often used as a pesticide, particularly for killing rodents. However, it also has a long history in sports doping, used in small doses to tighten tired muscles. Strychnine was reportedly commonly used in the early years of the Tour de France to help cyclists survive the demanding rides.

Moises Cartagena of Puerto Rico and

Adham Badr Masood Marzoq of Yemen.