Funvic Soul Cycles Carrefour risking expulsion of UCI.

The international cycling federation UCI announced that both the Colombian refugee rider Ramiro Rincon Diaz and Brazilian João Marcelo Pereira Gaspar has tested positive for CERA at this year’s Volta a Portugal Santander Totta.

Pictures: Colombian Ramiro Rincon Diaz (left) and Brazilian João Marcelo Pereira Gaspar (right).

Both riders rode then for Funvic Soul Cycles Carrefour. 29-year-old Diaz rode as stagiaire and won climbing jersey in the race, while 24-year-old Gaspar was in his second season for the Brazilian prokontinentallaget.

Both riders are entitled to testing of a B sample and is put under temporary suspension. The cases are sent over to UCIs disciplinary commission for sentencing.

This is Funvic team’s second and third doping in under twelve months. August 8th notified UCI that Brazilian and Funvic rider Kleber Da Silva Ramos also tested positive for CERA, the substance which, like EPO stimulates the body’s own production of red blood cells. According to Article 7.12.1 UCIs anti-doping legislation can layer therefore excluded the whole team, Funvic, for a period of 15 to 12 months.