Thomas Dekker (NED) admits he had blood at Dr.Fuentes – blood which many have linked to Fabian Cancellara.

In summer emerged debate up again. Fabian Cancellara (SUI) enthroned career with a brilliant Olympic gold in the time trial in Rio. On gratulasjonstweeten from the team, Trek Segafredo, said Lance Armstrong (USA) simply: “Luigi !!!“.


Picture: Fabian Cancellara (SUI) with his winning Gold in Rio Olympic.

On Twitter: Armstrong vs. Cancellara

It was a clear reference to one of the unidentified customers Eufemiano Fuentes , Spanish doping doctor, who was uncovered in Operación Puerto in 2006. Codenamed “No. 24 Clasicómano Luigihas long been connected to Cancellara and Dutchman Thomas Dekker.


Picture: Eufemiano Fuentes.( – Real Madrid owes me money, has blood-doping doctor Eufemiano Fuentes also said)

Tyler Hamilton are among those who have insinuated that there is Cancellara behind codename previously, and Dekker covers not dim speculation when he tweeted “it was not me” as a reply to Cancellara.

The name derives by all appearances, Luigi Cecchini, an Italian sports doctor who worked with CSC in 2006. He had Cancellara, Matti Breschel, Nicki Sørensen and Michael Blaudzun as clients. Cecchini also collaborated with a number of other cyclists, including Dekker. A partnership that lasted from January 2006 to June 2007, when Dekker was forced to terminate the relationship.

Due to the use of Clasicómano has classic giant Cancellara in many ways seemed like a more natural owner of the blood bag than overall rider Dekker, but the Dutchman admits now that he is “Luigi”.

In connection with the new biography’s, he gave an interview to Belgian Humo, rendered Het Niuewsblad.

-Fuentes gave me the nickname. It’s me and no one else, explains Dekker.

There he also told of his former teammate Phil Gaimon last weekend;

On Twitter: Dekker vs. Gaimon

Dekker said he was referred to the doctor by his agent, Jacques Stephane Graaf. This denies, however Graaf, who says he would never encouraged his client to dope. He thinks it’s all about that Dekker owe him money.

– He told me he would call the media though I dropped the requirement. It’s blackmail, yes, but it gets Dekker stand for, says Graaf.

PS! It’s still many blood bags that is not identified, among them “no.33 Clasicómano