The rumor circulating for several months, and the official announcement fell from the positive control Lagat Kenyan Kennedy Kipyego arrival of the Annecy marathon he won in April, and his suspension for 4 years FFA. It is testosterone that was found in the urine of Kenyan dismissed the club ASPTT Annecy. But it seems that he also usurped the identity of another runner, Kipyeko Kennedy, and that the performance of the two are mixed on statistical bases ….



It had been several months that the rumor of a positive test occurred at the Annecy marathon circulated, but the rider’s name was slow to appear. He was almost certain it was a Kenyan, were the first two 2 places, and confirmation came. That’s Kennedy Kipyego Lagat, the winner in 2:12 ‘, which is declared positive and sanctioned 4-year ban by the FFA.



The story hiccups after the case of Mohamed Hattouchi, controlled CERA during the inter cross the LIFA. Once again, the official announcement of the disciplinary decision of the FFA has been slow to be published, with a decision taken on 19 July, which appears on the FFA site, dated 25 August, but is in reality published that on September 5 …

But mostly, this case reproduces the story of Hattouchi, with a check for a foreign athlete dismissed in a French club, but the coordinated recorded by the club do not allow contact. For as for Hattouchi, Kenyan Kipyego could receive registered letters which were sent to him by the FFA, income not distributed by post to FFA with “Unknown recipient at the address” …

On the basis of the FFA, Kennedy Lagat Kipyego appears redundant since December 2015, but performances are also on his card for 2011, 2014 and 2015, without his club is mentioned for these periods. On the site of the ASPTT Annecy, Kipyego emerged as the leader in men, with the level of Nationale 1, ahead of all the other runners, mostly trailers and mountain runners. Note that the marathon is organized by Annecy Annecy Haute Savoie Athletics.


The young Kenyan (it would have 25 by the FFA, and 24 by All Athletics where it appears with the surname of KipyeKo) has some quality performances, with a record of 1h00’39 on semi ” (March 2015) 10 km from 29’43 ”, and marathon, he had established in Annecy a time of 2h12’38 ”. This former track racer, worth 14’03”45 over 5000 meters, had run 2:23 ‘in Montpellier in 2014 and 2h18’28”à San Sebastien in November.

In recent years, Kipyego has accumulated performance in Italy and France. At year end 2015, it has scoured the bullfights in France (Magne, Hericourt, Bethenay). It is found that spring to string semi Rome mid March, the marathon of Annecy on April 17, the semi Nice on 24 April 15 km from Le Puy en Velay on May 1, with a single race since Marvejols Mende July 24.


Yes, for winning the marathon of Annecy, as well mention the minutes of the Disciplinary Commission of 13 July. For the rest, nothing is indicated on the PV.


However, an insoluble problem exists around the true identity of Kennedy Lagat Kipyego, who seems to have usurped that of Kennedy Kipyeko. This causes a hodgepodge around the performance of the two men that are mixed on site “All Athletic.”

Kipyego has manage to change (?) Kipyeko’s site at IAAF “All Athletic”, or deleted (?) Kipyeko’s site. Kipyego is using some of Kipyeko’s results at his “All Athletic” site as the one in 2014 winning Semimarathon in Nice. Kipyeko won this, not Kipyego, see resultlist:


Kipyego has used/had many different sites on Facebook. This is how he has opereted as a conman against different European managers, among them me! He was a good “talker” at Facebook Messenger, and contacted private persons and managers to get them sponsoring him or give him money in advance, and get the money back when the prizemoney came.

Back in 2014 he used Kipyeko’s results to impress us to be his manager. I know 4 managers (one Belgium, German, Spanish and Norwegian) which he has managed to get money from to travel to races in Europe and to live for in Kenya (Eldoret/Kapsabet). At that time he was not a fit or fast runner (in person), I will say. That’s why he asked for money all the time, with some excuse, for why he didn’t earn any prize money back (20% of the prizemoney and return of costs for airtickets/visa/raceletter from Athletics Kenya/taxi/food/hotel etc. was his standard promiss to the managers). Kipyego back in 2014:


The Belgium management and I discovered after a while what he was doing, and we both delivered two separat reports to the police in Eldoret. He then was put in jail and interrogated and released with bail. We didn’t hear anything from the police in Eldoret. After a while I heard someone has seen him drinking coffee with the police in Eldoret. The corruption among the police in Eldoret is well known I heard from my kenyan friends. I never got my 110.000 KES back. He also confirm that he was well known by/at Athletics Kenya, and that it was no problem to get the racing letter from them.

Today I got a new tip that Kipyego still was active on Facebook, asking for money to run in China. Even he is ban for 4 years. Here is some of the talk between this man and Kipyego:



Anabolic steroids. These are the products found in the urine of Kipyego during its audit of Annecy. With two components 19 and 19 Norethiocholanolone norandrosterone. This is testosterone, an anabolic steroid used to increase muscle mass and strength, coveted by body builders, but also athletes, as confirmed by the list of athletes suspended by the IAAF, where there is that Russians, Nigerians, Indians, Senegalese, or South Africans are fond.


The Kenyan authorities, Athletics Kenya and IAAF must stop this person, Kennedy Lagat Kipyego. He should not be allow to travel outside Kenya for lifetime. He should been in prison for fraud of money, false identity and false results ! And he should pay my money back!



SOURCE 3: Arve E. Bergan