The heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (28) have tested positive for cocaine and now risk losing the World Cup Belt.

It’s ESPN report that it found traces of cocaine in a doping test Fury took on September 22 in Lancaster.

Fury would have gone title match against Vladmir Klitschko on October 29 in Manchester, but announced on September 23 that he withdraws from battle “for medical reasons”.

It is only the A sample that is analyzed yet.

Fury was the first in 11 years to beat Wladimir Klitschko in the boxing ring when he took a deserved points victory in Dusseldorf on 28 November 2015. That was Fury’s 25th victory of as many possible in his career, and he secured the World Championship belt in the three major unions WBA, IBF and WBO. He was later stripped of the IBF title.

Now everything indicates that he is going to lose the remaining two World Cup titles and get further punishment, reports ESPN.

In summer claimed the Daily Mail that Fury doping test before the triumph against Klitschko contained traces of anabolic steroids. Management rejected these claims.

Klitschko and Fury agreed that doping testing before the match was to be enforced by the Las Vegas-based VADA (not to be confused with WADA). There are those who now have found traces of cocaine in a urine sample that was submitted out of competition.

The people around Fury has not yet commented on the news of the positive test.

VG spoke earlier in the week with Klitschko trainer Johnathon Banks on the scheduled meeting between Fury and Klitschko. He was aware that Fury should be deprived of the titles because he has withdrawn from the leg twice.

  • According to rumors going, Fury is in a depression now, and I would think that he blames it on you journalists. All I can say about it is that in the past 40-50 years so have all the heavyweight champions had negative stories in the media. It goes back to Muhammad Ali.

Banks hope that Klitschko could soon be in the ring again.

  • Vladimir will fight as soon as possible. Right now there is nothing concrete, and there are many rumors. But a fight against Anthony Joshua would have been very interesting. Vladimir and I will talk about this weekend.

Joshua is Britain’s new heavyweight star. He secured the vacant IBF title when he Knock out Charles Martin in April and has defended it once. He is scheduled to fight again in Manchester Arena on 26 November, but opponents are not ready. It may very well be a giant fight against Klitschko …

Source: VG and ESPN