IOC has warned against assigning Russia championship before arriving to the bottom of doping scandal. It ignored a majority of the world biathlon nations when Tyumen got the World Cup in 2021 Sunday 4 September 2016.

It makes Norway and several other Western nations to see red.

  • We are terribly disappointed, says Norwegian Biathlete president Erlend Slokvik to norwegian TV, NRK.

  • It is a country that is under investigation and IOC have warned against assigning new events to the country and that when half the delegates do not understand what this means to the reputation of international Biathlon is it disappointing.


NOTED: The president of the Norwegian biathlon federation, Erlend Slokvik, believes it is wrong to assign Russia the Biathlon World Championships right now. PHOTO: Norwegian Biathlon Association

NRK talking with Slokvik through phone during dinner that concludes this weekend’s congress of the International Biathlon Union (IBU) in Moldova. The last thing that happened before dinner was the vote on: Who should get the World Cup in 2021?

When it was the Russian city of Tyumen wrote the Norwegian Biathlete President following on Facebook:

  • The scandal is a fact. Russia is awarded the Biathlon World Championships in 2021. A country that does not have an approved anti-doping program.

These awards are made, under one year, after the IBU gave Russia a ticket of one million Nkr. ( 102.500€) because the country has had many positive doping tests in recent years.

Ignored IOC invitation
After the so-called McLaren report this summer meant to prove state systematic doping of Russian athletes at the Olympics in Sochi, urged the International Olympic Committee (IOC), all International Federations to freeze efforts to allocate Russia Championships.

Desired is that everything should be put on hold until Russia has been stacked on the legs a credible anti-doping system.

It chose a majority of the world biathlon nations to ignore this Sunday night.

25 of 49 votes
25 of the 49 delegates at IBU Congress voted at Russian Tyumen and it kept exactly to the 50% you need to win in the first round. The Norwegian Biathlete President does not deny that there is a split between Western and Eastern Europe in the IBU.

  • There are several nations that are given now. Western Europe understand the that this is not good for the reputation of the international biathlon. There are several countries that are desperate.

  • It’s the small nations from Asia and old Eastern bloc who voted for the (Tyumen), says the Norwegian Biathlete President.

To change the voting system
At the congress, all nations only have one vote, which means that small nations have much power. Norway wants to change this system, but it is impossible, according to Mr.Slokvik.

One such change is the fact only Congress can decide.

  • The way the composition is now you’ll never get acceptance for it at at Congress. So it will probably remain so for the small nations sitting with very great power, he said.

The other two candidates for the World Cup in 2021 was Pokljuka in Slovenia and Czech, Nove Mesto.


No more candidate, but the WC city for 2021; Tyumen ( Russia).

Source: NRK