• IOC have shown that they lack the independence required to prevent the commercial and political interests affect the difficult decisions that are necessary to protect a clean sport, writes the 13 anti-doping agencies, which comes from Western Europe, USA, Canada and Japan .

They believe that the IOC did everything wrong, when they left it to the international sports federations to decide whether Russian athletes would take part in the Olympics. Nearly 270 Russians seem to be able to participate in the Rio Games.

IOC failed to protect the rights of clean athletes. Thus, the IOC moved away from the tough attitude towards doping that they previously supported, writing anti-doping agencies, and recalling that the IOC has previously talked about “zero tolerance” and make “the toughest sanctions” against doping.

The 13 Anti-Doping Agencies are demanding that this responsibility cannot and should not be delegated by the IOC.
– As a consequence, we call upon the IOC to exercise its leadership authority under the Olympic Charter and take the following steps in response to the IP Report to protect the Rio Olympic Games:
(1) Suspend the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and exclude it from the Rio Olympic Games;
(2) As a consequence of the suspension of the ROC, provisionally deny entry to all Russian athletes nominated by the ROC to participate in the Rio Olympic Games; and
(3) Establish a task force consisting of the members of the currently existing WADA –IOC Pre‐Games Testing Task Force to apply a uniform set of criteria to determine whether individual Russian athletes should be permitted to participate in the Rio Olympic Games under a neutral flag; thereby striking a fair balance between your stated concerns between “collective responsibility and individual justice” so that no truly clean elite Russian athlete is barred from the Rio Olympic Games.

In addition to the Anti-Doping Norway, the national anti-doping agencies from Austria, Canada, Denmark, New Zealand, Egypt, Finland, Spain, Finland, Japan, Switzerland, Germany and the United States signed the open letter.

Read the whole letter to the Olympic President here: The letter from 13 Anti-Doping Agencys